Think Cosmetic 

is a company of cosmetic that began like a personal project of a professor of chemistry with the concept to create a product whose only reason is to take care of to the people without using products that come from origin animal and if to use the raw materials that the Mediterranean offers us.


Thus a new company is created it jeopardize with which it does. Think Cosmetic is a cosmetic one that bets by a concept different a clear concept with environment and the health and well-being from the people. 


Immersed in a world in which the climatic contamination is fashionable, arises the idea to recover the principles of our ancestors in whom the nature was present at any moment, and for it it is precise to be able to count on more natural and healthy alternatives, counting on the new technologies.


Our laboratory has Certification ISO 9001 and 22716.

Registered in the CPNP Cosmetic Products Notification portal as European Lab.